Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cupboard is bare

Got very lil blog fodder.

Did youse gets anything gun related for Xmas?  I didn't this year.  Might be some gun content in the Breaking Bad series DVDs. 

Hmmm...  Been watching those old Superman tv shows.  The opening has the "faster than a speeding bullet!... Pew!" and a S&W model 10 looking revolver shoots what may well be a light load and blank.  You can see, in profile, one case rim near the bottom of the cylinder.  Definitely a Smith.  I woulda bet Colt if forced to guess before rewatching it after 30 years.  The trigger pull by the shooter is smooth and nice.  The gun doesn't recoil at all.  It makes me think it is mounted in some kind of vise attached to the bottom of the grip.  If not a vice, VERY good form and rock steady hold, shooter.  See for yourself:

Hey, wait a minute!  In the color version they do use a Colt.  Good form again from the vise/shooter. And the locomotive is a Diesel in '57 versus '52.

Note, a bit too much thumb by the Colt shooter. I guess it doesn't have to be a vise they are braced on. A simple fixed wooden dowel would about do the trick.


Wolfman said...

I got all kinds of gunny goodness for Christmas! My in-laws, whether motivated by generosity or by mild objection to my Open Carry, paid for my class and fees for my CCW, so for Christmas I got a shiny new card that opens doors! My Lovely Wife, in contrast, gave me a Browncoats shirt and handmade coffee cup inscribed 'You can't take the skies from me'. A good year indeed!

Old NFO said...

And the Colt was firing a blank... sigh

Glenn B said...

I got an A2 lower build kit for my stripped AR lower; that was from my son. Also gave myself 500 rounds of 22WMR.

All the best,
Glenn B

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I got a book featuring the guns of the NRA museum.