Sunday, January 22, 2017

Don't you bad mouth my XD!

Uncle, talking about the .mil selection of the Sig P320.  He's happy they picked a modern pistol.

"I also don’t disagree with picking the Sig. Or if they’d have picked the M&P. So long as they went with a striker-fired, polymer-framed gun that holds a lot of bullets. And isn’t an XD or Taurus."  

And that will get the XD peeps' dander up.  I like the XD.  It's good.  But, well.  It's like the Army asking to borrow an American made pick-up truck to move to a new apartment this afternoon.

Sig:  I got a Silverado
Glock: I got an F150
S&W: I got a Ram
XD: I got an El Camino!

That's... that'll work.  After a fashion.  XD.  Sure.  That's still pretty good.  Can you come by at noon, Sig?

But Taurus:  "I got a Chevette! Runs great!  Or it will, once I get that 4th wheel back and mounted..."

A working Chevette can help you move, too.  Better than a Huffy.  Knock yourself out. They have a great warranty.


Mike V. said...

I was trying to come up with an Eastern European truck analogy for the XD but I can't.

gbob said...

Not European but it's the Toyota hilux. Reliable, affordable, and un-fucking-destroyable, just not stylish. And harder to get chicks with.

Projectilist said...

Until the roll pin behind the breech face of your XD breaks, bricks your gun and requires it to be sent back to the factory for repair.

B said...

Y'all admit to owning and (worse) carrying an XD?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You should see what I did to brick my El Camino...

gbob said...

Which roll pin? What does it retain? Where can I find more info about this? Why does it have to go to Springfield to get fixxed? How common is this?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

gbob, not TOO common. Common enough with picky gun owner that prefer nigh zero failures.

There are several roll pins in the gun. I only knew of an issue with the grip safety one (if I understand correctly). It fails, and the gun can't be cycled, you have a live round in the chamber that you then have to mail back to Genseo for warranty work. You can fix it easily yourself. Kinda gives folks the creeps. The live round bit.

There are other roll pins tho. With other issue. you can see some of them here

I don't own or carry an XD. But I have liked them. I've gotten wary over the years. There are other things I prefer even if the XD was Glock perfect.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


If the grip safety is not depressed the slide cannot be cycled. So if the grip safety is jammed by a foreign object (like broken gun parts, including pins) then the round in the chamber can't be removed. It also cannot be fired without the grip safety depressed.

So, broken gun, live round inside. That needs Springfield Armory XD people to fix.

gbob said...

Never heard of that, hard to imagine how the pin on the grip safety could fail, cause there's not alot of pressure on it (in normal use, of course). I can see how it would lock up the gun though. I think I might take mine apart and do a condition inspection. Although, just thinking about it on the couch, Occam's razor would suggest a defective roll pin rather than a design issue. And we all know that defective or imperfectly stress-relieved parts can happen to anybody, even glock and s&w. Thanks for the heads up though.

Also, my comment about hilux trucks stands, but in light of this new evidence, the new hilux pistol is the steel frame p-series ruger. Anything you can give to Iraqis without worrying about it breaking is good enough for me.

ASM826 said...

Had an XD, full sized, in .45 ACP. Sold it. Because reasons. If you have one you like and trust, good on 'ya. I'll never own another XD unless I win it in a raffle.