Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rangering on 03 JAN 2017

Ok, that was a bit better.

I still haven't figured out the favoring the right side of the centerline, no.  This session I de-emphasized finger tip placement when I realize wherever I put that pad or however I draw it back it still favors right.  And when dry firing...  there is still a tiny perceptible anticipatory jiggle.

Great.  So hard to work that out.  "MORE DRY FIRE, BUDDY!"  Yeah yeah.  I agree.

So what is the good?  I really calmed down quite a bit more on the hold.  As in trying to:  "before the trigger break, don't move the pistol."

And if you notice the first round of tres started to tighten up the groups right around target #5.  To what might we attribute this to?  I did indeed do a bit more dry fire...

First groups of a line have a line on the hole, second group a circle.  42 shots of CCI MiniMax, 25 feet out of the Ceiner 1911

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