Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Two of my guns sold.  Had them on consignment.  I put them up on Pearl Harbor Day.

So, THAT defrays some costs.  Like the costs of getting that custom 9mm.  I need to go get that back.

Feels funny.  My formative gun-enthusiast pupal stage drummed into me that with all the bans and whatnot, and on Jeff Cooper's say so, that you just don't sell a gun.  Well this is now, and that was 2006, and it's a different world, and I am a different person.  I can sell a gun without agonizing.  The 'Assault' weapon ban is long gone, and Hillary lost, and with a little luck there will be a decade of pro-gun SCOTUS ruling here in a bit. 

Plus, I have a few more guns that I did then, and the ones I sold are sorta superfluous and not what I want anymore.  Preferences change 

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