Friday, January 6, 2017

Vision Quest

Lotsa people out there on it.  A Vision Quest.  For some, it's a difficult uphill trek that requires perseverance.  Others gave up long ago and stopped but may have settled at a very high level.

The Vision Quest to be a better shooter. 

Tam is in touch with her inner vision quest.  And even doles out tidbits of wisdom to help those further down the hill.  To folks like me.  And don't think it isn't appreciated. 

  1. "Competent training is your friend"
  2. "A 9mm might be easier to learn on"
  3. "Mix up the trainers, and don't get hung up on just on 'sensei'"
  4. "Current thought on the handgun shooting mastery points to a very frim grip on the trigger"
  5. "If there is any one thing I wish I didn't get in the habit of was pinning back the trigger and then going back to reset like that"

Yes yes.  I even KNOW these things.  But I am only at item #2.  My path hasn't proceeded further.  I even know that I will eventually have to get to a Miculek grip (4) to better control recoil, and more of a rolling action with the finger (5).

But I am not there.  I can see it from where I am, but apparently I have to walk the path to reach it.  Right now I am more than halfway done with my current trainer.  I need to mix it up soon.  Even he might tighten my grip up more. 

"Hey, T-Bolt, how did find that instructor in the first place, how did you figure out if he was any good, and how are you gonna find the next one?"

Well, he was the gunsmith trainer.   I took that first class to learn more about detail stripping a 1911 and that lead to more gunsmith classes because I enjoyed it so much.  I figured out he was good as my shooting performance improved dramatically.  And he does have plaques and stuff from things like this on his wall but he isn't real big into seeking out credentials.  I'm gonna find the next one by asking him.  And by paying attention to what other people I know and respect say about other instructors.

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