Friday, October 13, 2017

NPR gets it, finally

So I am listening to NPR and get a shock.  There is a program on Here and Now where 90% of the bit is devoted to the fact that ALL gun control, from the founding of the republic, was put up there to keep guns out of the hands of black people.

That all gun control is racist.

Hence gun controllers, if you follow their reasoning, are racists.


Never thought it would go over so easy and be admitted so readily on a public broadcasting.  They condemn themselves.

Oh, it's not overt, but they can't close their eyes to it anymore.  It's a long hard look in that mirror of theirs.

You are correct.  Democrats have been awful to the civil rights of black people since the civil war and to their slaves before that. 

What's the other 10%?  Well, Brian Balogh, appears to have left the safety of his thriving metropolis of Charlottesville Virginia (that notorious den of Kluxers and the home for a Rape Factory) and travelled out to the hinterland a couple years back to see what a gun show is like.  He was scared.  He sauntered up to the guy that had historical looking guns and said "is it always like this?" and the guy responded that the evil looking black rifles started ramping up in volume a decade before.  Brian also notice the countryside was filled with people not just with military style guns, but military style vehicles like trucks and such and wore military style camo clothing.... and this is all probably because we've been at war around the world for 20 years, and his tone said, "this is ominous for us erudite intellectual betters on the coast..."

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