Sunday, March 9, 2014

1911 2

So, WHY am I sticking with the 1911 at this time?   I mean besides the anachronistic, and mag size,  reasons I mentioned yesterday.  (what you pick is up to you, these are my reasons for the preference)

Weight doesn't bother me in the holster.  Reasonable weight.  And if it doesn't matter, a heavier pistol is preferable to a light one, so the lightweight plastic construction of other pistols isn't the selling point for me.  A 5 pound 1911 might be too much, but, that isn't at issue. 

Apart from my mag reason (Maryland might have ccw and severe mag size limits at the same time), the 1911 is slimmer.  While weight doesn't bug me, bulkiness does.  If anything a Commander size 1911 might be better as that 3/4 inch length savings helps save a bit of poking into a buttock and aggravating my sciatica when carrying IWB.  I'm on the fence here.  A government size is indeed preferable for function.

I've already got more than one, and I am improving with it, so now isn't the midstream point to switch horses.  When I am a better shot it might be easier to switch platforms.  I shoot the Glock miserably.  I shoot the XD marginally better than the 1911 generally, but then I have an XD on my hip.  I am still not super confident of that platforms overall success. 

If I am sorta pushed toward smaller magazines by legislative policy, I might as well have a few shots of .45 since I am forced to have only the same number of 9mm, so the switch to 9 has less appeal that way.

No one says anything bad about the 1911 trigger.  In fact it is the one thing that fans of other platforms usually concede.

JMB (pbuh) nuff said.


Daddy Hawk said...

Amen brother. After a brief flirtation with the M&P, I am returning to the 1911. I shoot it better. It speaks to my soul in a way the plastic fantastics can't. And it'll take a while before the nanny staters figure out a way to ban them.

Angus McThag said...

Something my wife pointed out: It'd take a pretty catastrophic failure to make up for the price of changing guns.

And it's not just the price of the gun; it's magazines, ammo, holsters...