Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Guns

5 Guns I will never own?  Hmmmm.  Ok, I'll bite.  I need blog fodder.

  1. I'm on record about the .50 BMG. Bolt action specifically.  I'd borrow one for a brief period, but my retina says to keep it in some else's gun locker.  Plus, it's way too spendy even for me.  But, if rich from a lottery, I might own something like a .600 Nitro. In case I want to safari. I'd still borrow the .50 BMG, if I was rich.  Now a mounted Ma Deuce, if super rich, is a different matter.  To defend my compound and stately Thunderbolt Manor.
  2. A .25. I'd only keep one for sentimental value. 
  3. A .32, too, for that matter. 
  4. A 28 gauge shotgun. I'm not Vice Presidential material. 
  5. A Glock. Can't shoot well with one, plus... GLOCK. Though I need to test that shooting skill thing nowadays in case it has changed.  If I need a modern plastic of my own, there is always XD or M&P

There are whole LISTS of boomsticks really, if you include things like 'crappily made' or 'nearly forbidden by law' or 'not invented yet.'

1 comment:

Firehand said...

One I just WANT: a H&H or Evans double in .470 NE.

Be expensive as hell to feed even with handloading, but oh, I want one!