Sunday, March 23, 2014

Semi Auto Ban

By executive order... Has a big cheerleader in one Diane Feinstein, Senator, California.  Obama can just stop the importation of semi-auto firearms by declaring that operating system 'un-sporting' under the authority of the 1968 GCA.  It's a ban by the back door!

Hmmm.  I dunno.  Apart from being constitutionally questionable to use the 'sporting-purpose' clause in a post Heller world...  Seems like the first Bush pretty much already did this for her when HE was president.  It was bad enough then.  But time has passed and importation folderol has been addressed by the gun companies by locating factories domestically.  Beretta is in Maryland, for instance.  FN has a South Carolina facility, I believe.  SIG in New Hamster.   

What impact, at the gun store level, would we really see if semis couldn't be imported?  I mean besides the initial run on the inventory.  Golly, Obama is a great gun salesman.

What do I mean post-Heller?  Well, the position of the gun banners is that firearm usage by 'civilians' is only legitimate for sporting purposes.  You know, hunting.  The Heller SCOTUS ruling said no.  Self defense is a legitimate purpose.  THE legitimate purpose that the Second Amendment was spelled out to address.


Old NFO said...

You're right, but it's NOT going to stop them from trying... sigh

Robert Fowler said...

Fineswine needs to just suck it up and die.