Monday, March 31, 2014

Guns Magazine

February of 1964, the first issue to go to press that wasn't already 'in the can' when JFK got shot, apparently.  The January issue was a big pro-2A one already down the pipeline and was thus probably sounded discordant when it arrived after the assassination.  Like Wayne LaPierre's statement on Newtown, a week after that happened.  Not that Lapierre was wrong, his delivery just could have been a sweeter performance. 

But nothing in the January issue mentions the president.  The February one certainly mentions it. And calls for calm rather than a rash passing of a passel of gun ban laws.  It also looks like Gun Magazine was starting up a shooter organization at that time.  Or was closely associated with it. 

The magazine mentions severely bad gun control laws that had been recently stopped/killed.  I have no idea what was proposed.  They seem coy on the details.  Anyone know what they were talking about?

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NotClauswitz said...

I think in California they were trying to pass, "Saturday Night Special" gun-control laws..or maybe that was in the 70's?