Wednesday, March 26, 2014


When I am low on blog fodder...  I worry that I'll wake to find a post saved for that day is nothing but a stream of profanities and slurs.  Like a crazy person!

Well, I don't have much.  But at least this post is only profanity laced, not chockablock!  Heck Dang Poop!

So many books queued up, so little time.  The latest Discworld release, Raising Steam, got head of the line privileges.  RobertaX is enjoying it I'm sure because the focus is on Cunning Artificers.  Also at the top of the pile is OldNFOs book.  THAT one will have blog fodder, but only if I can think of a fresh angle for a topic broached therein.  Beyond the review, of course.  I am reading Consider the Fork as well.  Precious little blog fodder there.  It's about, duh, the invention of the fork.  (They were invented in 1933, during the FDR administration, oddly enough.  Before that, people at peas with their fingers.  Or a knife.  Sometimes with a special toothpick.  You learn something new everyday...)  The King in Yellow is there too.  And some mopping up of some Robert E. Howard stuffs.

Just finished a WWI book, but I am saving that discussion for August for some reason...

On the recent gun movie front.  I caught a commercial free Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension on the TeeVee.  Did EVERYONE have a Mini-14 in the mid 1980s?  That movie... I liked it better as a kid.  Didn't hold up as well as I'd hoped.

Different movie eras certainly do have a different firearm flavor.  They'd reflect the fashion of the time, of course.  Plus the subject matter of the film.  Uzi's and Mini14s and Mac10s in the early 80s, giving way to Beretta 92s by the end of the decade.  Well, you CAN'T have any of those in a noir film of the 30s, right?  And while I'd like to see a shootout at the OK Corral flicker show with an Uzi in it, the director might get criticized for the inclusion.

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Amusing stuff, indeed, Comrade Bolt-Thrower! Your cover-gun's a beauty.

Russian gives us "Pogrom" (pah-GROHM), and "knout" (k-NEWT) two useful terms generally associated with the horsemen of the steppes. "Tfui!", a spitting noise of disgust, yields us, "Phooey!" Okhrana-Cheka-OGPU-GPU-NKVD-NKGB-KGB-FSB, Smersh... Russia STRONG in acronyms!

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