Monday, March 3, 2014

Range Trip

Went to the range with Saucy Trollop to try out some new ammo.  That Federal HST stuff.  Had a couple problems.  Failure to lockback after the last round once, and failure to feed on the last round another time.  Both attributed to the magazine.  Colt factory mags don't work as well as Chip McCormick. 

It's been a while but I still did pretty ok.  I guess you have to shoot a pistol 10,000 times before you get decent at it. 

I'm the targets on the right.  Top is 1911, the bottom is various revolvers, .38s and a .44.  Looks like I may have the trigger pull down ok but need to work on my finger placement.  Shootin' real good is hard.  If I shift that group to the left a bit I would be unspoppable.


Old NFO said...

You are definitely getting it down... and it just takes range time to get better. Sadly, none of us can afford that amount nor the time we really need...

Curmudgeon said...

It's not the mags it's the springs. Colt mags are way better than the chip mccormick stuff.

Get some Wolff extra power mag springs and you'll never have another issue.. (they make them for the McCormick things too)

You may not have the all important (not) 8th round but.. stock mags from Checkmate, Colt or Metalform are much better than some of the "wonder" mags.