Monday, March 24, 2014

We don't want em back

Anti-gunner protesting the freedom and civil rights of their fellow citizens should move back to the Gun Crow* states?  Great.  And Maryland will be particularly attractive to them morons.  We have the proximity to DC so there are gummint jobs.  We have lots of schools so there is cushy academia jobs.  At least a flood of hoplophobes will help keep my property values up. 

They are fighting a losing battle.  The momentum seems to be on our side.  If Newtown couldn't bring down Federal ban laws on our heads...  A true sign that we are winning is if the next time a tragedy like that happens we get something actually useful in the way we deal with mentally troubled people.

* We need a term for it.  Notice their influence shrinks a bit over time.  They states with anti-rights are contracting.  Sadly, Maryland is one of them, but it's a 'border state' and still could be embarrassed into doing the right thing.   And places with "No Guns Allowed" signs today should soon be as ashamed of that as a place with "Whites Only" signs or separate drinking fountains in 1966.


Old NFO said...

Good news and no good 'term' over here... sigh

Admin said...

what he does not realize is that we are going to beat them here too. IM not moving, they are going to change.