Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Range Trip Addendum

One thing I have noticed about Range Trips and experience.  As I go and sorta, well the word isn't 'master'... get better at one part of the shooting skills, I can move on to another point to fine tune.  I'm a bit of a slow-head I guess, as it only seems to work one at a time.

For instance, stance.  My stance was crappy at first.  I consciously worked on it, now it just seems to happen without thinking about it.  Good.  Then a better grip.  Good.  Front sight.  Ok.  Lately my trigger pull break has improved, and I am shooting better.

Next up...  work on the finger position so that trigger pull is straighter.  Also on the list, grip TIGHTER.  Much more noticeable snap with the +P Federal HSTs I was trying out.  It'll almost certainly help my accuracy and make a second shot be possible sooner in a self-defense type situation.

Gotta think on these things.  Or range trips just become a time to make noise.  While that is fun, I want something more out of my ammo budget than mere noise makings.

The other problem, when a problem is identified and focused on it seems to take an exorbinantly long time on some of them.   Probably the slow-head thing again.

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Tim said...

One of the shooting self- improvement programs I've been working on is to increase my strength and stamina. Here's a link I found that though would be of interest.