Sunday, March 30, 2014

Archie Dream

I had a dream that Archie fell for the Nigerian Finance Minister email scam, where some flimflam artist tries to convince you to accept $20 million in ill gotten oil money, if only you will send him some of your banking info...

Except Archie's Nigerian was real.  And now Archie had $9 million in cash.  He was a little disappointed it wasn't $20,000,000, and also realized he didn't need it.  So he gave it to me.

Hmmm... I could think of a use for $9 mil, cash.  But it would be hard to spend it all.  Spend it all without running into onerous laws and taxes and such.  I'm sure I'd think of something.


In other news, Archie is trying to move into an old folks home near his daughter in WVa.  He turned 86 earlier this month.  I miss the old coot.  He's been unable to take care of himself since a hospital stay last October.

The other WWII vet that used to live on my street actually died this past October as well.  That's the end of that, I guess.  Last of the original owners, 1951. 


Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers for Archie. I know you cared for him and benefitted from the friendship. I'm betting there were a LOT of stories... :-)

Laura said...

aw, Archie.