Monday, March 17, 2014

Solarex Solara

I had an odd dream, sorta on topic for a blog post...

It was '82, and I was in college.  And my class was being sent to the Falklands War.  And were all dressed in our Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange sweaters and whatnot, with VPI written on everything.

The twist?  The Falklands War in my dreams was the same we remembered, except it was 1882.  Complete with a Victorian Era Maggie Thatcher able to call up a 'fighting' unit from the States in the form of a bunch of college maggots from a southwest Virginian Cow College.  We weren't known as Virginia Tech then.  Or even VPI, Virginia Polytechnic Institute so much.  THAT name wouldn't be official until 1944.  But that's what my subconscious mind made up.

Everything panned out the way it would actually do 100 years later, 'we' just did it with 1882 equipment.  I don't know how 1882 versions of low flying Argentine A4s would have worked against Brit pre-dreadnaughts.  Hell, PRE-pre-dreadnaughts.

Hey, that whole thing make an interesting alternate history story.  Not novel length, tho.  It's not that interesting.

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