Sunday, April 1, 2018

Another Smith

Normally I am a Remington man, but a shooting buddy found this Smiff along with a Remington while dumpster diving a couple years back.  Sold be the Remington and through the Smith in for free.

The Remington was fine, but the Smith needed some serious TLC.

I just got it back from Kensington Typewriter Repair.

It's a nice typer.  Smooth.  Might be because they lubed it during service.  I could do a term paper on this!

Tom Hanks' favorite model, the Smith Corona Clipper, which is why I went ahead and took the trouble to make a dead typewriter work again.  It had a cracked typebar assembly.  Where the base of all them typebars attach and connect to the keybars.

If I had to guess... 4C series from the 1940s?  Prolly 49.

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