Monday, April 9, 2018

Instant Pot

I don't have my own Instant Pot.  But I hear great things about them.  I just don't have the kitchen space.

People rave about them.

What it is for the 3 people that haven't heard of it yet?  Essentially, it's a crockpot and a pressure cooker in one.  You make crockpot type things in it, but it only takes a 10th of the time to cook. 

If you are a single dude and you join a Facebook Instant Pot group, be prepared to be hit on by the nice ladies there if you ask for help.  So, there's a bonus.

Now while I do not have one, I have eaten from others'.   One of the first things to try is hard boiled eggs.  It does a good job.  Easy to peel them eggs.  One of the second things people do is short ribs.  Cup of water of stock, ribs, glom on you favorite store bought bbq sauce...  120 minutes later you will find it difficult to get a rib out with meat attached.  Super moist and tender.  I would add some other herbs and spices to that simple list of ingredients.  Pepper, cumin, garlic powder, maybe thyme and rosemary.  But that's me.  It's still EXCELLENT ribs.  And so easy.

Spaghetti I haven't tried.  That is the traditional third item to test drive.   

I wonder how electrically efficient these dang things are?  Could Joel work one down at his gulch on the solar power he has stored in batteries?  Well, presumably he could, but will it suck up so much juice as to not be worth it?

He bakes a lotta bread down there, it seems, but that is from the heat provided by bottle gases of various sorts. 


Brad_in_IL said...

Nothing wrong with Instant Pot but ... I know a number of chefs who prefer the Fagor brand of multi cooker. Seems the Fagor heats up MUCH faster and its controls are more intuitive.

B said...

6 quart appears to be about a 1000 cooking for him would take about 2 hours worth of sunlight....
He may have more panels than I think, however, so maybe less time.

with careful power management it could be done. THe 3 quart uses 700 watts. DO the math.

IIRC, his weak link is battery storage.

Rich P said...

We have instant pot here in Colorado. Oh, wait....

Yes, I'm from Colorado. No, I don't have any dope.

ProudHillbilly said...

My daughter loved hers, did eggs, yogurt, amazing fast meals in it. But then it started heating unevenly.