Monday, April 16, 2018


I have a twitter account, but man...  There is just nigh zero pleasure ever logging in and reading anything.

Maybe something about Robb's woodworking projects.  That's always nice.  So, 97% of twitter is high blood pressure inducing dreck. 

People on twitter make me... well not want to hurt them myself, but if they came to grief of their own accord I wouldn't feel that bad about it.


Miguel GFZ said...

"People on twitter make me... "
believe in the benefits of napalm?

azmountaintroll said...

Social media in general proves that even a Carrington Event wouldn't be completely a bad thing.

Rich P said...

Arguing with fools just confuses bystanders.

JayNola said...

I quit monitoring it the day of the parkland event. Just said to myself "I'm not going to even try." Haven't logged in since, deleted the app from my phone. I miss hushkit updates. That's it as far as I can tell.