Monday, April 2, 2018

Latest Metrocon take

... on the Second Amendment.

They are agin' repeal at National Review, but they aren't married to the idea, and if a repeal happened they seem to act like they'd get used to it pretty quick.

No word on whether they think the right to bear arms might exist outside and above the laws of the Constitution.  That it might be a greater thing.  A Natural Right.

That's one of the things I hate about Cruikshank.  Which said that the 2nd exists above and beyond the boundaries of the Constitution, but the Constitution isn't binding like this on the states, really, so we are gonna rule that the states can pee all over the right if it wants to, especially since this is freed slaves we are a-violatin'. 

Sorta like going, "The right to bear arms is sacrosanct, but we're gonna ignore that because we don't like black people, and it will take 90 years before the court thinks the the 14th really applies, and 40 years after that before it starts to get serious about the last of Jim Crow: gun control."

But the metrocons are at least not hostile.  If a bit squishy.

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