Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Since high school my feet have been sized 11D.  Just like everyone else.  That hasn't changed, according to the Brannock device

And thought I was often loathe to risk ordering shoes online, for fear I'd have to have the hassle of returning them, there was a sweet spot 10-20 years ago where when I did order 11Ds, the shoes that came fit 9 times out of 10.

Not anymore.  Now 8 out of 10 DO NOT fit.  Usually too high in the arch, or, more frequently, WAY too narrow in the toe.  I have overcome my hesitation in returning the bad ones. 

I don't know why Chinese shoe factories are falling down on the job. 

The brands I do have good luck with, still

Doc Martens.  If anything, these are fitting better/comfortably lately, and are better made, for a lower price.  And they wear like iron, so I need to get replacements only because I want to, and only every 10 years or so.  The black low quarters are my go to office shoe.

Skechers.  Not 100%, but they usually do well.

The holy grail of footwear I've been looking for is a pull one black leather something.  Sent lots back, from Duluth Trading Company or Merrell.  But these Brundstones [I mean Blundstone with an L...] seem to be working.

Easy to install inserts, steel toe if you are working in a gunsmith shop and things might fall on your foot, plenty roomy in the toes.  Can't run in them, but they'd be handy on a camp out if you had to get up and find your way to the loo.

But a bigger problem is there is little choice BUT to buy online.  Brick and mortar shoes stores are getting sparse on the ground. 


.45ACP+P said...

Years 16 through 50 I wore a size 10D. I started having trouble with my feet and could not find comfortable shoes. My dress shoes were agony. I had my feet measured and find I am a size 12. My feet grew. Comfortable shoes are possible if they are the RIGHT SIZE!

azmountaintroll said...

Everything China made seems just a bit too small. I suspect that when they translate measurements from American sizes to whatever they use, they always round down. Given the volume of manufacturing they do, even the little bit of leather and cloth they save per item adds up.

Will said...

Non-USA clothing and shoe makers have always had trouble with American sizes. Partly, I suspect, due to a disbelief that we could be that big. I've gotten that feedback from people that have had clothing custom tailored overseas.
Lately, I have found that I need to look at footgear 1/2 size bigger than I did previously. And one size wider. I dug out some old shoes I haven't worn for some years, and they seem to confirm my feet have gotten bigger. I was originally thinking they had shrunk a bit in storage. Guess not. I'm in my 60's.

Rich P said...

For ordering online, I often use gift cards. Just keep them until there is no possibility of needing to do a return. The refund needs to be credited to the original card.

Sendarius said...

That would be a letter 'ell' in there pilgrim: as in Blundstones.

They are certainly not Chinese; after all 'Blundstone' is Australian for 'work-boot'.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ooops. Blundstones.