Thursday, April 12, 2018

I'm not allowed to have a knife at work

Just like the entire city of London, knives are verboten.

So I only have 2.  On me.  The 'on me' doesn't include my car.  No one has a problem with me using a knife at work.  This may be Maryland but it is still America.  Of course, they could trust me with a gun.  So they can certainly trust me with a knife.

Now, I don' flaunt it.  I don't pull out a big Kabar Kukri when I need to cut open the plastic on a case of Coke Zero.  For that I use this

Mini Skeletool.

The Kukri is for clamshell packaging.


Miguel GFZ said...

I used to work at a hotel which was also Londonistan when it came to weapons. I found myself needing a knife daily so I eventually settled for a Boker Subcom Wharcom. Small enough to keep HR$ off my back but sturdy enough for regular work and anti-social prevention work.

Jonathan H said...

Is the Kukri one of the 2 that you carry?

I'm fortunate in that while weapons are technically verboten where I work, there is no checking or care about it. I know there are people who store guns in their cars, and virtually everybody carries some kind of pocket knife.
This laxness is a nice perk of working at a small laid back facility in a rural area.

Projectilist said...

I recall a moment while working with a bunch of hipsters several years ago when I cored an apple (first cut in half, then two wedge cuts to remove the core from each half) in the break room, only to hear a co-worker exclaim, "You're REALLY good with that knife." I was a bit dismayed as I didn't think anything of it. I responded with, "I've had a lot of practice, since Cub Scouts in fact." The co-workers facial expression was priceless. I thought that experience was an outlier (really, who doesn't carry a knife?) but I've since learned of CA's 'Avocado Hand' problem.

Will said...

A few years ago, I walked into a SocSec office, and after talking to someone at a window, I walked past the security desk (he wasn't there when I arrived). Sees the knife clip in the pocket edge facing him, sees the police style key wrap hanging from my belt, and says "you know better than to come in here with visible weapons! Take that out to your car." "Ok, sorry, not thinking". Went out and put five blades on the car floor. He never saw the clip in the opposite pocket, since I made sure not to turn that far while talking to him. He thought I was a retired cop. Good thing I wasn't wearing the Gerber Multitool, that would have been two more blades to get excited about...

Will said...

I like Roberta X's statement: "A human without a knife is just a chimp with a haircut".