Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dots of Gold

Found some Gold Dot .38 in one of geographically remote bunkers.  You don't have one of them?  Well you should.  More than one. 

Anyway, after cracking the seals to the concrete catacomb and digging around in one of the store rooms I found a box.  Partial box. 

I had washed a speed strip of Gold Dot in the laundry, and while they are probably perfectly fine...  I will shoot them off as range ammo now that I found the fresh unsoaked rounds.  Because I trust them 1% less now, post washing machine and drier.

Gold Dot was my preferred .38 +P in a snubbie goto ammo.  It's specifically for the short barrel.  But hell, even the best short barrel stuff isn't much better than any other.  But you gotta select sumthin.  So I guess it is still my preferred snubbie ammo.  And now I have 4 speedloaders filled with the stuff.

Gold Dot .38 short barrel is sold out most everywhere.   When it comes back I am ordering 5 boxes.  Well, 4.     

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