Friday, April 13, 2018

Bank of America

Ok, I still have an account with them.  But I no longer have their credit card or a mortgage.  Just a checking account.  I use them for bill pay and direct deposit.  I pay them no fees.  I JUST bought another box of checks, tho.

Should I close my account because of their heinous anti-civil-rights hate policies and adherence to Gun Crow?  They can't be making much money offa me.  I may be the type of customer that COSTS them money.  What say you, loyal readers?


Projectilist said...

If you go, make sure you tell them why; in person, speaking to the manager.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm not going INSIDE that bank. My local branch took a turn for the super seedy after 2009. I'd rather go to the check-cashing/payday-loan place one block over for the classier decor and patronage.

Jonathan H said...

I've read elsewhere that big banks such as BOA only make money off of those who have more than $25,000 in their accounts.
You could sap their energy by calling them over little things and making them spend time talking with you.
But if it was me ... I'd close it down and go somewhere better.

Brigid J. said...

We paid off our mortgage in cash and closed all accounts this last week.

B said...

Close it.

Even if you don't use their card, they make money sending you advertisements in the mail with your bill and by selling your info to others (even if you ask 'em not to).

And by telling 'em why you closed your account, you send a message.

I move 7 figures of retirement money from Chase over less.

Wilson said...

If you do do it make sure they understand the reason why. They should know that their anti-American polices do have consequences.

ProudHillbilly said...

I never get to boycott things. Didn't shop at Target, maybe once every 2 years at Dicks. Maybe once every couple months at Walmart. Even my banks are a credit union and a local bank. You guys have all the fun.