Friday, April 27, 2018

H9 in the wild

My gun store has some Hudson H9s in. 

They can't sell them.  Yet.  Maybe in June.  Our 'acceptilble guns that can be sold in this state' roster has been de-politicized quite a bit, so ordinary guns, or guns that act like ordinary guns, and not like anything on the ban list are pretty much rubber stamped.  The H9 falls in this group.  But the wheels of bureacracy run slow.  Maybe June? 

You can buy it now, but they won't be able to release it til June at the earliest. 

Also, they need to gimp the magazines.  15 rounders are a no no.  Gotta make em 10.  The shop does this.  I don't know how they do it, or if I can reverse the alteration.  I sorta want to buy a gun with gimped mags just to see and just to mess with them. 

So, I didn't plunk any money down.  But I did get to hand one.  The trigger is decent, but what struck me was how good a job they did not making the grip fat.  It feels almost like a single stack.  Which is nice.  General fit and finish was just hunky dory on cursory examination.  Nothing yet to dissuade me besides one dude that didn't like it on youtube (pfff) and a HUGE honking front site. But I can swap sights my ownself if I want, and I know a gunsmith that doesn't hate me. (gunsmiths normally hate everybody)

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