Friday, April 6, 2018

Range, 4 APR

Ok, 63 rounds of Federal HST, for a total of 1109 through this gun since I rebuilt it.  No failures.

It was disassembled and 'wiped' down at round 500 or so, but no real clean.  Lubed every 300ish rounds.  It is a 1911 and needs a single tear's worth of FP-10 every now and then.   Four failure to feeds when using semi wadcutter stuff.  I don't count those.  I failure to lockback on final round at #442.  The gun got a good cleaning in a 1911 armorers class at #992. 

This session.  Warmup at 8 yards with the head shot, using my 'embrace the wobble' attitude.  Good.  Moved it out to 25 yards and the rest went toward center mass.

Not shabby.  I decided I need to so a LOT more at 25 yards now. 

Brought this target to 8 yards and got the two called flyers.  Boo.

Target #4 is me trying to go faster.  Taking no extra time aiming.  Just push out and let the finger do it's thing.  If my accuracy has improved lately I want to work on speed more. 

And back out to 25 yards for this one.  Again, speed was attempted.  Poorly.  Maybe the final target I should go slow and go faster early.  Make the final one as tight as possible, taking me time when 'tired.'

I remember when I was about this accurate at 8 yards.

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