Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Another reason to like Samuel Jackson

He's also against more gun control.       (h/t Mad Saint Jack) 

Now, I sort of have the feeling if Samual Jackson and I were to meet he would not like me much.  Just a feeling.  I have no distinct reason.  Maybe I am wrong and maybe we'd get on like a house afire.  No matter.

I do think that Samuel Jackson means me no harm.  Same goes for me to him.  If we hated each other's guts in person no one would hurt the other and we'd go our separate ways ignoring each other's existence and trying to never again cross paths.  Which is fine.  If force to interact... trapped on a life boat, say, waiting for the Coast Guard, we'd be chilly to one another until we could go back to being apart.  Which is also just fine.  

I do enjoy his work.  Very much.  The only thing I have to offer back to him besides paying a small sliver of his pay enjoying that work is not bothering the man.  

And he doesn't want to take my gun away.  Nor me his.  So we got that going for us, too.   

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