Wednesday, March 20, 2019

White Supremecists!

From 52 years ago.  Can't blame them on Trump.

And it's a Mark VII production, and you know how well he adhered to documentary style reality in reporting on the event of the day.

Blue blockers.  I am always suspicious of blue blockers.  Those guys NEVER roll on Shabbos.

Kinda surprised nobody raised a stink about this ep.  Sure, they don't shine a good light on them damn Neo Nazis, but there is still a picture of a swastika.  That sorta thing gives the young folks of the today the vapors something fierce.

The timpani and snare drums in the musical interlude sure are reminiscent of WWII movies of the era.  But Mark VII was big on timpani already, it is probably not related.  

Two plain clothes cops with snub nosed revolvers going up against a guy they think has 400 pounds of dynamite with unstable detonators close aboard?   These days there would be an ATF/FBI task force involved.

Watch Colonel Potter and Joe Friday muzzle the CRAP out of each other with them snubbies.  Well, actually Potter has a 3 or 4 inch revolver going.

14:31, 3 surplus Garands and something else. 14:40, Tommy gun.

Bad guy was trying to another Bath.

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