Friday, March 15, 2019

Work has been kicking my azz

Time to make the blog donuts.  Bloggnuts.  On this Ides.


I liked those CDC numbers.  Between 31,000 and 236,000 people are injured by firearms every year.  What a useless delta.  Well, not useless for them.  The CDC could extrapolate from "31k in 2010, 42k  in 2011, 55k in 2012....&c.... 198,000 in 2018" even when the actual number of injuries is as level as a billiard table.   "Look at the steep increases!"  Oh hush, you frauds.


Saw that Larry wants his home state of Utah to become a Vermont Carry state.  He wants to keep with enlightened states, the latest being Kentucky.  Nooooo!  A lot of use in the Gun Crow states rely on Utah to back stop us with non-resident permits.  They might let non-residents fall by the wayside if residents don't need on anymore.  And Florida just elected a Democrat to their Ag board that runs their CCW permits, and she is all for gun control.  And Virginia has made it harder for non residents and backlogs abound.  I found that out for my ownself.  Hold out Utah, at least until Clarence Thomas rams through a CCW reciprocity rule with greater constitutional hold than abortion have enjoyed for almost 50 years.


Remington can be sued for Sandy Hook because they marketed the Bushmaster to be attractive to autistic psychopaths to purchase through ads in the booming gun periodical market.  Wait... his mom bought the AR.  So I guess the advertisement enticed HER to get the gun so she could be murdered by the fruit of her loins who would then go on to shoot up a second grade classroom with the now stolen rifle?  Is that how it works?

I can't see this ruling holding up on appeal.  Buncha others are of the same mind.

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McChuck said...

"I can't see this ruling holding up on appeal."

Logic, facts, the law, and common sense bear no part in most of the federal appellate courts.

This was a decision by the Connecticut Supreme Court, who also approved taking private land for private benefit. And was later approved by the US Supreme Court.