Monday, March 18, 2019

Made Beef Jerky

In the oven.  I warned you I would.  It's alright.  Tastes great.  Still a bit wet or saucy as you can tell from the picture.

It dirties the fingers.

A proper dehydrator might solve the saucy problem.  But I am thinking I can improve my technique.

Basically Worcestershire and soy sauce and spices.  Smoky spices.  I didn't add liquid smoke unless liquid smoke is in the smoked paprika. 

When doing the 4 hours in the oven I'd poke in and look to see progress and see how the progress was going.  It looked like meat meat meat, then... a transformation.  Color and appearance changed dramatically.  Darkening and looking proper shrivelled.

Things I think will help:  Thinner slices.  More patting dry initially to get more marinade out of the equation.  Lower heat, more time.  More pepper flakes for flavor.


I need a new camera.  I got THIS one for the blog.  $150 Olympus.  What camera fits in my pocket, doesn't connect to cell towers or wifi, costs less than $200, and magically makes me a decent pitcher taker.

Oh.  It's that last part that is the problem, isn't it?


Wolfman said...

I also tend to crack the oven open during most of the process, which wastes a bit of heat but also helps to run the oven less humid.

Ratus said...

On the beef jerky making, Alton Brown inspired instructions:

On the camera thing:
I have to say that the cheap $20 pre-paid smart phone cameras are very good now.

Just walk into Walmart/Target and get one. Don't pay for service just use it as a camera/podcast/music player.

pigpen51 said...

I had a 35mm Olympus OM 1 that I bought in high school. I graduated in 1978, so you know how long ago it has been. I paid about 250$ for the body, and I don't remember the lenses price, but I had a lot of nice lenses. I know that the 250$ price comparable now would be a lot more in today's money now.
I gave it to my daughter a year or so ago, to my daughter as a memento, of my youth. You cannot even give them away now. They even sell Canon EOS Rebel 35mm film cameras in the second hand stores for 10$ now, and they just sit there. It makes us old film camera guys almost cry.
Like Ratus said, even the cheapest cell phone cameras now are better than the decent film cameras of years ago. I know it is a good thing, but it is just like the computer thing.
More computer power is in a musical greeting card than existed in the entire world in 1950.
And as to you jerky? It looks delicious to me.

Unknown said...

Dry it on a pellet grill set for smoke setting. Adds whole new layers of flavor.