Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dreams, and random

I had a dream I was taking a college course and the subject that day was breech faces, with a concentration on the extractors and ejectors.  Just slide after slide of various varieties.  I woke up mad because I wasn't paying NEARLY enough attention.  I tuned out after the big honking claw of a Mauser K98.  Foolish of me, I know.  Get yer head out of yer azz, T-Bolt.


Also, my last Amazon Prime order came yesterday, all three item met or exceeded expected standards of delivery time.


The Democrats took an imperfect healthcare system and made it worse in 2010.  Now they are, many of them, running a campaign saying the healthcare system is broken, you need to trust them again to fix it.

We'd be better off going back.

Is this the whole "REAL Socialism has never been tried" thing?

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McChuck said...

They've been doing the same thing over and over for a century now. Most people are incapable of learning from mistakes.