Sunday, March 24, 2019


I knew I shoulda just got a couple S&W M&P 9's instead of the H9.

Ah well.  Still can.

I SHOULDA just bought 2 Glock 17s from sumdood in the parking lot in a Virginia way back 20 years ago and just never done any of the gun hobby bun blog stuff.  Just bought ammo and training in the interim.

"What about hunting, T-Bolt?"  Meh, it's interesting, but it's not the fun pastime for me like it is for others.

"What about rifle work for home security?"  I don't live in Afganistan, Syria; I live in the suburbs, USA, where meat is plentiful and comes from the grocery stores and the police DO come, eventually.  You can CCW a Glock, you can defend your home.  Escalating to a rifle isn't too likely a requirement.

"What about surviving the zombocalypse?  You need a Battle Rifle and a colander, to start!" How likely is that, really?

"Why two Glocks, then?"  Common as dirt and reliable without me taking thousands of dollars worth of 1911 classes to get the 1911s I'd want to have 20 years ago instead of Glock.  Two, because spare.  I do still have that compunction.  Redundancy.  And Glocks were around in 1999.  And even though I was horrible with them when a beginner, the training would have fixed that eventually. 


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