Thursday, March 21, 2019

Well Crud, H9!

I like the pistol.  The Hudson H9 'retailed' for $1100 when I got it, but that's not what I paid.  But now on a Going Out of Business sale?  I might get a second.  Just because.  Shame they didn't work it out.

It's a good pistol.  After I figured out the issue I had with the extractor.  I guess it is failing because it isn't good enough.  It's not head and shoulders above pistols at that price point.   It's only good.  It needed to be great or to get super fashionable for some reason or both.  A movie where a Dirty Harry type carried one might have done the trick.  Something like that.

If anyone has a question about it, holla.  I might be able to answer you.  Like:  One thing about the lowered barrel and barrel hood means the weapon mounted light is much lower.  That'll annoy people used to the weapon mounted light being in a better place. 

[update:  No, the price has not come down at my gunstore... retail being retail.]

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McChuck said...

Hudson went under for three primary reasons.
1. Insufficiently capitalized for a gun startup. You lose money for years.
2. Warranty repairs.
3. They announced the aluminum frame before it was ready. People stopped buying the steel frame. End of cash flow.