Friday, March 1, 2019

Civil Rights Violation

The gray colored states restrict your civil rights

The blue ones only inconvenience your civil rights a little bit.

If this were Jim Crow, the gray states are the DEEP south.  The blue ones don't have any laws against black people, but just aren't too sure about them, and could go either way, but are trending toward good.  The green one?  They don't care which water fountain you use.

The gray ones?  You are fewer and fewer now.  You are on the LOSING side of history.


DJ said...

Note on North Dakota Constitutional Carry: This is only for ND state residents who have state-issued IDs and have lived there for at least one year. Call it ROCC (Residents Only Constitutional Carry).

Robert said...

Wisconsin has constitutional open carry for those folks not otherwise prohibited. Concealed requires permission from the state.

In Illinois, a non-resident can carry as long as you stay in your car; get out of your car and you are required to be defenseless with your piece locked up. Dunno about motorcycles.