Sunday, May 26, 2019

2%, Huh?

WHO KNEW? 2% of American Counties Account for 51% of Murders Nationwide BUT 54% Had No Murders at All

Two percent of counties?  I wonder if counties come under the sway of a single political party system, squelching opposition.  Perhaps I should read further...

But before I do, a counter example comes to mind.  New York City, and its counties were famous for high crime.  But they elected a Republican mayor after a long patch of Dems.  Crime went down under his policies.  After Guiliani, a 'Republican' mayor that was really a Dem, but a pragmatic Dem.  Crime stayed low as he stayed the course.  Then a full blown socialist style mug of an ideological Democrat.  And crime rates are going up again...

On to the article...  Lemme get my reading glasses... 

And the article doesn't go too much into political parties. Just notes we have a very low murder rate for our size if you discount gang and drug-crime caused murders.  Implying guns in the hands of everyone else are not the problem, certainly. 

I imagine murders in other countries... Argentina, France, Bangladesh, Algeria, and so on... would also be much much lower if drug and gang crime were tamped down, too. 

Resources spent on gun control would be better used on a gang abatement and de-escalation, is my guess.  It's hard to do, and the chance of success is low, but it's better than wasting money violating the rights of uninvolved parties. 

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