Saturday, May 25, 2019


I dunno. Middling advice here. Yes, the hospitals and antibiotics and vaccines are gone in a zombocalypse. But that means we are back in 1890. Not as many, but plenty of folks got old back then. And gave birth. Post zombocalypse you won't be mixing with other populations. Well, if the Zombies tide has receded. If they never recede and you stay alive it means you are holed up.

But say the zeds convert 90% of the world, then all rot away, leaving that 10% to rebuild. Not a lotta mixing. And humanity doesn't lose medical knowledge unless it really tries to. Goes full ignoramus on PURPOSE. Which I don't put past humanity, but these are the 10% survivors. They'll bounce back and MAKE antibiotics again relatively fast because they know it is possible. There is lots less iron and coal mining with 10% of the world population. Plenty of scrap around, and if you kept the hydroelectric going in the interim...

Now the video is right about not seeing many bikes in zombie shows. Or spears.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

What always bothers me is the lack of proper field fortifications. I was embarrassed for the Brits in the film "The Girl With all the Gifts." FENCING? You have a mob of unarmed infantry and your go-to fortification in fencing?

Star Forts.