Thursday, May 16, 2019


It was the most correct opinion handed down during your tenure at SCOTUS.

And not just because it positively impacts my shooting hobby.

It implicated OTHER rights.  And reminds folks that rights are for individuals, and take nothing from anyone else.  Not groups, and you have no pull on someone else.  You can't enslave doctors or taxpayers in order to provide everyone a 'right' to health care or health insurance with low low deductible and no copay.  That's not a right, that is socialist redistribution.

The Federalist is right.  JP isn't against Heller as he is against the existence of the Second Amendment.

But ya know, squawk all you want.  Part of me is kinda glad it happened right in front of you, Justice Stevens.  Peoples rights were protected, you were appalled by that fact, and yet you and your tyrant impulses could do nothing to stop it.  I think of that and smile a little.

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