Sunday, May 19, 2019

Zed Decay

Of course Zombie decay differnt that 'regular' dead people. 

They move, for example.  Muscles move.   The muscles have to retain some of strength and flexibility to function like that.  Still have no idea how that metabolism works.  And why fatty brains going through an ineffectual digestive process helps out with it.

And part of decay is rigor.  If zombies froze up for an hour or two a few hours after turning, that might actually be ideal for the living.  A respite to take care of grandma after turning and you holed up in the attic. 

And the article touches on the many other bacteriological complications, post mortem.  Getting chased by something putrefied?  Yuck.  How does that even happen?  But it do.  Something else must be keeping liquefaction at bay.  Something that makes zombification contagious is also throwing an assist to help metabolism and acts as an antibiotic.

Hard to study because the test subjects are so... bitey.

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