Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Thinking back..

Trying to come up with blog fodder, I thought back to how I was a dozen years ago.

Back then, I was enamored with the Ruger Marlin Camp Carbine.  It took 1911 mags!  I so wanted one, but they were scarce on the ground.  I remember wishing that more pistol caliber carbines would come out.  And boy howdy, have they.

I haven't bought one though.

Then, a bit later, I thought, "The world needs more single stack pistols.  I like pistols that don't feel as thick as a baseball bat."  And boy howdy did everyone set up a line of them.

I haven't bought one of them either.

Maybe the gun industry shouldn't listen to my wishes.  I feel like an Ingrate Aladdin.  Sorry Genie.

But if the Genie is gonna grant wishes...  Left handed bolt action .45 rifle with a built in suppressor.  a BIG honking one.

Watch, within 4 years you will have a modern DeLisle with a pickatinny rail at your local gun store.  I hope this new one takes 1911 mags, too.  But the damn thing will only take a Glock mag, I betcha.  And because of that...  I will probably not buy one. 


Old 1811 said...

The Ruger Camp Carbine? I know the old Marlin Camp Carbine took 1911 mags (the 9mm version took S&W 59-series mags), but I never heard of a Ruger Camp Carbine. The ole Ruger Patrol Carbine came in, if I remember right, 9mm and .40, and took Ruger P-whatever mags.
But I may have been out of the loop back then. Did I miss something?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yup, I goofed. Marlin.

Thought I have seen a Ruger with an integral suppressor that shot .44 special. It may have been out of a detachable magazine... So if Ruger can do that, maybe they can step up and make my delisle wishes come true at semi-auto

JayNola said...

Murphy's Law owns an integrally suppressed .44 like that. Thought it was .44 mag though. I always look for the correct donor gun in every shop I go into. Just to put it in the safe so I had it in case of hitting some money.