Monday, May 20, 2019

This is what we are talking about

When we discuss the Deep State.

Ceding sovereignty to international bodies as a back door to leftist tyranny schemes.  One side is looking to take power and hold it, the other side wants to get along with the other and retain a higher class position.

It's how you get Trumps.  And on this issue, thank God.

But it might have been nice NOT to have to get here.  If those people that like to be in charge were actually responsive to the needs of the people they pretend to be in charge of, instead of acting like tyrannical nuisances, there wouldn't be a need for populism or, on the other side, communist revolution.  If the elites' priority had been the interests of Every Man instead of the System of 'Benevolent' Order they saw in their head there might be, now, a bit more balance in our political system.  Instead of madness that might get madder.

In sum, shove it, Mitt.  So glad I did not vote for you.

From Kurt Schlichter:

There’s our lesson from the last two years. The ruling class that runs them ran the institutions not for our benefit but for its own, to preserve its own power and position. The institutions and those running them are entirely responsible for our legitimate contempt – they deserve no respect, no deference and no obedience.

And Kurt has a point.


Trump is far from perfect on the Second.  If Trump arranged it so I could walk from my house to the subway, go downtown, and wander around the Portrait Gallery with a 1911 on my hip, without legal worry, using only a Utah non-resident CCW, THEN I'd say Trump is perfect.  Even better?  with an expired Utah non-resident CCW, provided I've done nothing else untoward save let that lapse.  But getting us un-arsed from a UN world disarmament scheme always targeting you and me isn't shabby.

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