Thursday, May 23, 2019

Since I started this blog

The word back then was kydex holsters are shite, get a good leather holster.

Now it's eschew most leather holsters and get a good kydex holster.

Took 10 years.

But back then the kydex holsters were fragile and the best one on the market was the Serpa.  You get made fun of if you have an old school Serpa one now, for all their inherent flaws.

But yeah, there are a lotta crappy holsters out there.  Easy to spot early on in a gunnie journey.  The harder part is figuring out which middle-tier-and-price holsters are good and which ones are unnacceptable.  That's harder.   Like, I'd like to know which holster is doing this on the regular.  I bet it isn't low end, but middle.

Now Tam isn't really kicking me out of the cool kid's club for having a leather holster.  It's a Milt Sparks, those are on the high end side, and she likes em her own self.  It's not a floppy Turkish import making the rounds a year ago.  And it's not the only holster I own.  Yes, I have kydex too.  Hard to find really good positive, mutli-layer, retention features in leather holsters, after all.  And the good one cost about as much and the good leather ones.  What Tam in trying to get across, methinks, and I agree, is don't cheap out on holsters.  Decent holster selection is as important as decent weapon selection.  Hope I am not putting too many words in her mouth.

Oh, I was enamored with paddle holsters way back in the day.  I am less so now.  But not a full convert to strictly belt loop holsters.  I think the belt loops hold up better in a tussle for control, if it comes to that, and paddles aren't really that much more convenient and heck may be damaging to your pantaloons. 

Fobus!  The name finally came to me.


Tam said...

"But back then the kydex holsters were fragile and the best one on the market was the Serpa.:

Wow. What world are you typing this in?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It was tongue in cheek.

"You could tell it was the best because DoD bought so many."

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well, partly tongue in cheek. For a while it was Awful Kydex, and EVEN Worser. Serpa didn't dissolve in the rain, at least.

Tam said...

Pretty sure I got my first Comp-Tac Gurkha and G-Code paddle kydex holsters in 2001. I got my first Raven Concealment kydex in 2011. You are broadcasting from a timeline I was not in.