Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRA Convention

I'm not as good as JayG at updating during the show.  But I am here.  A famour person licked me.  And JayG.  And Weerd Beard.  On the head.  I can understand me and Jay, but why would ANYONE wanna lick Weerd?

The famous person was top shot Season 1 victor Iain Harrison.  So, now the three lickees will probably find themselve at the range unable to hit anything other than the bullseye, and drawing from the holster, our split-time will clock in at 1.2 seconds.   It's like frogs getting kissed by a princess.

Iain was hosting a little get-together as part of his capacity working for Crimson Trace at some sports bar where the women wear more revealing clothes than at a Hooters.  In my cups, I approached Iain and said, and this is a quote, "Just because you were in the elite British Special Air Service and won a high faluting gun contest does mean I can't still kick your asOHGAWDPLEASEDON'TKILLME!!!"  Iain is a great guy, though.  HI-larious.  Friendly.  Not all stabity-stab-stabby when insulted or anything.

So it was eventful.  The evening.  Newbius got in a fight with another diner because we were making the sports bar filled-with-scantilly-clad-woman too rambunctious. (Jeez, Newbius...  wouldja quit bothering people?)


JB Miller said...

"This is NOT your living room!!"

Jay G said...

I'm trying to have a quiet dinner here!