Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yes these are actual guns.  Not plastic toys.

An AR with a 1911 attached to the underrail.  Insanity.  Almost as good as crocheted guns, tho.

They had other, more tastefully done, samples there.  Your gun can match your favorite tiger stripe camo pattern, for instance.  And they're not an Abomination unto Duggan as this may seem.


Counsel said...

dangerous to make real gubs look like plastic toys... I see lawsuits and no restrictions on when police can shoot...

Sport Pilot said...

Dura Kote is a bit pricey but does produce a nice protective finish, although the proof of concept image here is a bit odd. I have concerns about the attached 1911 though being considered a SBR though if someone should decide to press the issue.