Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zombie Autopsies

Recommended by a co-worker.  Zombie Autopsies.  It presents the investigations of a doctor sent to facility to investigate the virus that has killed 2/3rds of the world population and has probably infected the final third.  Tick tock, the clock is ticking.

This particular zombie virus is nasty.  It's not just spread by bite wounds from the infected, but by respiratory droplet.  It's probably a man made virus and the base is an new infuenza strain that no one has an immunity to when it is released into the wild.

Flu isn't zombie-instigating, so whoever developed this bio weapon got OTHER bugs piggy backing on it.  Prions that attack the higher brain functions, leaving only the deep lizard-brain areas intact.  There is a theory there is a third nasty on the flu virus that actually protects vital systems like the heart and the lower brain, but the Doctor only gets close to solving this problem.

It's a bleak portrayal, and hopeless.

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