Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Convention Coupons

I snagged 2 coupons for products I've posted about recently that I will take advantage of.  DeSantis and XS Precision Sights.

The DeSantis holster is the first of probably many pocket holsters I'll try out.  I have an Uncle Mike's now, and it is fine but getting worn. There are other brands out there, and I will probably try a few more.  But now I have a coupon!

Commenters are a bit down on the XS Sights, but not enough to sway me away from trying them out.  There are 2 sizes of front post, large and small, and I need something for my J frame to make it stand out more.  Nail polish isn't gonna cut it.  I'll probably get the small for that.  And it's just the front sight, anyway.

Front and rear will go on the Commander 1911.  I'll stick with 3 dot for more precision on my Gov't size, in case I ever improve my marksmanship or want to compete.  The Commander's biggest purpose to is to eventually be my CCW carry gun.  If a 'target' is far enough away to require a fine notch and sight picture, then I should be evading.  50 yard shots, by most lights, in IDPA might not do as well with XS sights, but I will see anyway, won't I?  Currently the Commander has no tritium, so there is that.  And I have a coupon!

 Plus i got those VZ grips for my J Frame.  I went for basic black, while JayG got similar grips but greay and black for the SFH.  They were there, at the show, and available.  So I snagged some. 

[Update:  Are these grips beefier than the factory grips?  No.  But my factory grips were full size rubber Hogue grips.  I swapped them out for the much smaller Eagle grips (no pinky spot on those, or the VZ.)  The Eagles are good, but you know how some folks are never satisfied.  I have no idea how wooden S&W grips feel, girthwise]


bluesun said...

How do those VZ grips feel? Are they any beefier around the middle than the factory grips? I like the looks of them but I don't want to spend any money if they have the same problems for me as the factory grips.

Bubblehead Les. said...

NJT at the VZ Grips Display: It was like watching a kid in a Candy Store. As for the XS Sights, well, some of us older folks with weak eyes kinda like the Big Dot out there. Just gonna have to do Center Mass, since my 25 yard Left Eye Osama Bin Ladin Shot days are long past me. Excuse, me, that should be a 15 Breda long shot. (One Breda being equal to 60" or 152.4 cm's).

Weer'd Beard said...

That dude in the booth totally could be my Brother.

I didn't think I had a brother, I'll have to ask Mom!