Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Totally.  From Bartel Armory.

This was a nifty safe idea, similar to one reviewed last year at Snowflakes, but slightly different.

And I am late to the party.  Lots of other bloggers have posted about it, Including MBtGE who even mentioned one nice hook; you can have them paint it to look like a hot water heater.  The door side can be spun towards the wall.  Put some dummy copper pipes on top, and voila.  It doesn't have to look like a giant shotgun shell.

The metal is THICK.  It's not 10 gauge or 8 gauge sheet... it's 3/8th inch thick.  What is that, 2 gauge?  I'd have he inside painted white, too, personally, for better internal visibility.  They have an NRA decal on the inside of this one and battery operated LED for illumination.  You can get that wired to household current if you desire.

It's spendy, yes, but I think its an order of magnitude better at break-in resistance.  It didn't look 'fireproof' but I'm dubious of fire ratings as it is.  Important safety tip:  Never let your house catch fire. 

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