Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Ammo Boxes

At the 'historical' section of the NRA Convention, first floor, they had a John Browning exhibit, including a rig for the M1917 water cooled machine gun.

It had a brace of ammo on the carriage that were interesting.  Including vintage ammo boxes that look very similar to modern metal machine gun boxes.

I don't want a real one:

But reproductions?  That'd be fun.  Or just the hardware to make my own.  It wouldn't be too hard to make up a bunch and paint them olive drab.

They hold .30-06, but from the outside they are about the size of a .50 BMG metal box.  The stout wooden size accounts for the size difference, I'm sure.


Bubblehead Les. said...

My buddy the Gun Smith had one. You are correct, it was the thickness of the wood. I think they started to make the metal ammo cans when they came out with the Air-Cooled 1919 version, but I couldn't give you the exact date. And I know that if an ammo box was still in inventory when WW2 broke out, they used it.

Murphy's Law said...

Dd I even mention that WW1 MG08 and 08/15 guns are some of the cheapest belt-feds out there?

You need a belt-fed. Come over to the dark side.