Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does Obsessing Over Zombie Apocalypse Reveal a Lust to Escape Modernity?

In a word, yes.

Notice that folks interested in the whole zombacalypse thing are in the main gunnies, survivalist, and rugged individualists?  Zombies represent an implacable power that it is not only ethical to oppose violently, but a personal duty, to?  Something to be endure and survive.  A fight for life.  But, unlike gov't forces there is nothing abhorrent about opposing it.  Yes, the power of gov't is sketchy when over exteneded but not everyone IN government is insensate.  There are people in gummint.  Heck, some of them are us and some are Ron Swanson types working on the inside.  But if the power that is is hordes of undead there are no qualms about putting a round through their running lights, on sight.

Most of 'us' would even frown upon somebody just zapping random members of the Deptartment of Agriculture just on small government principles.  Not so, zombie Dept of Ag undead.

Last Man On Earth, Omega Man, fighting against long odds and thriving, on personal resources alone, the ultimate individual, struggling for his right to his life...  That appeals, though.

And it's wargame planning.  Thinking on 'what you'd do if...' and if you are ready for a Level 4 Zombie Outbreak you are ready for any lesser disaster.

Sad that rugged individualism is considered un-modern.

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