Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seven Sisters

Which of the 50 states are the worst with regard to their civil rights record?  I used to whinge about them, calling them the 'Seven Sisters' and whatnot, but seven isn't really a precise number, either way.

Lessee...  California and New York are pretty bad.  New Jersey and Massachusetts.  You forget about other New England states, like Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Maryland, of course, for having no shall-issue and gun registration and so on.  Illinois was pretty bad because: Chicago, and having no issue at all, but this should be changing.

You know what state is now worse than Maryland or Illinois?  Colorado.  COLORADO!  I'd never thought I'd say that.  And in the 70's, the NRA old guard wanted to move out there and then curl up and die.  Colorado worse than Maryland. Whoda thunk it?  I can still possess 30 round mags in Maryland.

You people out west might want to set up checkpoints at the California border to keep the moving vans from coming East.  Shoulda done that 20 years ago.

I thought about this because of that first ever in the state recall petition that garnered more signatures than its target got votes in his election.  Glory.

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