Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Old Shooter

A few years back, The Beard, as I refer to him on this blog, went out and got a Ruger Mk III.  Partly because I talked about guns.  He was 27.  Since then he has bought a shotgun and a M&P and an AR. 

He now wants to get another gun.

I asked him what kind.  Which new boomstick.

"I haven't even looked, I am that far out.  I just know I want more.  For no good reason."

Ahhhhh...  Makes me smile.  He gets more libertarian all the time, too.  Of course it helps when the Leftists are all so very annoying.  I can hear one of the gun banners that happened across this blog post thinking, "This Beard guy is probably just getting guns because he is some kind of racist redneck!  He just hates black people and hates the president because he is black."

No.  I am very sure The Beard is not racist.

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